Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama's Hell Week

So you want to be President. So do a lot of other people, but its popularity notwithstanding, I view the desire to be President as sufficient proof of some yet undetermined chemical imbalance. As circular confirmation, I present two stories from the news of the day.

Someone else with a clear chemical imbalance is the leadership of Hamas, who believe that the way to win friends is to cheer when you kill their friends. But appearing in the Trinity United Church of Christ newsletter from last summer (during the Presidential race) was an article by Mousa Abu Marzook of Hamas, claiming that Israel has no right to exist.

'Splain me that, Senator Obama. Square that with your public support of Israel. Which is it? Is Israel an ally, or is their existence yet another detail about which you'd be willing to negotiate with terrorists? Hamas claims not to be part of a larger struggle, but the players in the larger struggle make no such claims about Hamas.

In other news, Erick Erickson reports that Rev Jeremiah Wright has been invited to speak in Macon, GA. The mayor of Macon, an Obama supporter, calls Wright's sermon style "Socratic". Perk my ears! Like Socrates, Wright is pilloried for asking the wrong questions, for challenging the status quo, according to His Honor the mayor.

There is a clear difference between the two, however. Socrates' questions were always intended to winnow, never to incite. If he asked a question which was out of bounds, he knew it was out of bounds and was expecting an answer to bring the focus back in bounds.

But since it's Friday, I tried to imagine what a typical Wright-as-Socrates session would be like:

Wright: Do you suppose that white people invented AIDS?

SANE ANSWER: I thought it came from monkeys.

Wright: Suppose they did.

SANE ANSWER: OK, suppose they did.

Wright: Then you're saying they did it to kill black people?

SANE ANSWER: No, you said that.

Wright: Suppose they did.

SANE ANSWER: Well, that question presupposes that all white people act in concord, when in the United States AIDS has mostly killed whites.

Wright: Well, what about in Africa? Could there not be white people in Africa who invented AIDS to kill black people?

SA: I suppose there could be.

Wright: So since white people invented AIDS to kill black people, that is why they are giving out needles to also addict them with drugs.

SA: Sure, whatever. Look, I have to go ...

Wright: How can we avoid AIDS when white people are giving us needles, and I.V. drug use is one of the primary ways AIDS is spread?

SANE ANSWER: All someone need do is abstain from sex before marriage, and make sure his prospective mate did the same. But I have to ...

Wright: So you're saying black people can't do that?

SANE ANSWER: Your powers of understanding are unequaled. Good day.

Wright: I knew white people were racists.
I always thought "March Madness" was about basketball.

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KnightErrant said...

FYI: "[T]heir target: African Americans. That's right, the death toll: nearly fifteen hundred African Americans a day. The shocking truth of black genocide."

Outrageous! To attack America as engaged in wholesale black genocide.

Source: Rev. John Parsley of the World Harvest Church, Columbus, Ohio. Described by John McCain as his "spiritual guide."

Loren Heal said...

Yes, that is indeed outrageous, unless it's true. I sorta doubt it's true, but I also question the validity of the quote.

On the other hand, John McCain called Parsley "a spiritual guide", not his "mentor", and has not been a member of his church at any time, much less for 20 years.

Having looked into Parsley briefly, I find his most notable statement to be calling for an end to Islam.

Good idea.

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