Monday, March 17, 2008

The Surreality-Based Community

To contrast itself with the "faith-based community", the online left adopted the label "reality-based community". It's a blasphemous jab at religion in general and those who believe things without persaonally seeing them in particular.

The trouble is, everone believes things without seeing them. We read history, and believe it. We watch the news, and believe it. Our kids tell us they don't drink, and we believe them. We follow the most likely set of assumptions given what we have actually seen. We deduce and induce from the known to the unknown and back again to verify that our world-view is correct.

So how does the "reality-based community" deduce that 9/11 was the result of a giant conspiracy, or even a tiny one, composed of American officials?

How does the reality-based community back the surreal idiocy which forms the backdrop for the campaign of Barack Obama? He called a racist conspiracy theorist his "mentor". That's not guilt by association, it's guilt by admission.

How does the online Left become convinced that the President of the United States is more interested in personal gain than in defending his country against all enemies, foreign and domestic?

And as for domestic enemies, thinking about that problem for two seconds reveals how difficult must be the balance between finding domestic enemies and fulfilling the primary mission of any President, defending freedom. President Bush has spent American money and the blood of her patriots on his faith-base belief that democracy and the rights of free citizens are paramount. How the "reality-based community" collectively concludes that he has turned the country into a police state, on no evidence that anyone has actually been harmed, makes a beggar of credulity.

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KnightErrant said...

As I write this a neighbor has workers remodeling his home. They are listening to a particularly strident fire-and-brimstone radio preacher. My opinion may be biased by the annoyance.

There are enough wacky religious preachers to taint both political parties. John McCain has embraced the endorsement of Pastor John Hagee who has preached that Catholicism is "The Great Whore" and that Jews earned the Holocaust because of their "rebellion" against God.

Between the two is enough evidence that all presidential candidates be required to stay at least 20 miles away from any church or preacher. God plus politics equals disaster.

Loren Heal said...

You can't draw equivalence between the two, KE. Obama was a member of Wright's church, called him his "mentor", and said he consulted with Wright before making major career moves. Obama drew inspiration for his political viewpoint from Wright, and it's completely dishonest of him to claim otherwise.

By contrast, John Hagee is just a TV preacher who endorsed McCain.

And there is an order of magnitude difference between the rhetoric of Hagee and Wright. Hagee has said bad things about Catholicism now and then, and attempted to read the tea leaves of prophecy with respect to the holocaust. Both those things are, in my opinion, wrongs for which he will be called to account by his Maker. Wright, by contrast, used counterfactual racist hate as a fixture of his church growth formula.

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