Friday, March 07, 2008

That 3AM Call

The Obama camp assures us that neither Democratic candidate is ready to be Commander in Chief. Both will need some on the job training, apparently.

But then, Time Magazine says experience may be overrated. Uh huh.

While it's clearly true that Hillary Diane would be a fine phone answerer, there is one transcript of a phone conversation that many may not have seen:

911 OPERATOR: Capitol 9-1-1, what's your emergency?

FEMALE CALLER: I think my house is on fire.

911 OPERATOR: Where are you, ma'am?

FEMALE CALLER: In the kitchen, but Chelsea's asleep in the next room, so you'll have to speak softly.

911 OPERATOR: Where is your house, ma'am?

FEMALE CALLER: It's the White House.

911 OPERATOR: A white house, yes, but where is it located, ma'am?

FEMALE CALLER: Don't you know who I am? Just get here before Chelsea wakes up, or you'll be out of work, you got me?.

911 OPERATOR: Yes, ma'am, but how are we supposed to get there?

FEMALE CALLER: Big red truck, duh!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

911 OPERATOR: Yes, Mam, we'll send a firetruck. But where? I need your address, Mam.

FEMALE CALLER: Ah, hold on... (smoke alarms screeching)

911 OPERATOR: Mam, settle down. Stay on the line, Mam.

FEMALE CALLER: Look, you idiot, the fire is almost here. I... (screams)

911 OPERATOR: Mam, your address, Mam.

FEMALE CALLER: It's in Washington, D.C., you moron!! What are you, a Republican? Doesn't your computer show it?... (poping sounds)

911 OPERATOR: No, Mam. Your phone number is not on file, Mam. No address.

FEMALE CALLER: The WHITE House, you know on the Hill... (hissing sounds)

911 OPERATOR: Mam, there are a lot of white houses in the city - and quite a few black ones. Is this a racial issue, Mam?

FEMALE CALLER: (call breaking up) Look, I'm -resident Hi--ar- --into-. My husband is -ill

(call terminated)

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