Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Alchemists, Thieves, and Liars

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A Farewell to (Philosopher) Kings

Dr. David Evans says openly what the Gods of The Copybooks fear to say aloud. Namely that

“The Western Climate Establishment is Cheating.”

This doesn’t involve one or two rogues with a test tube of cold fusion. This is not a faction of academics settling professional scores with other professional academics. This is a systematic, deliberate campaign of disinformation designed to deliberately prevent the vast majority of the population from being properly informed regarding the basis of major political decisions.

We are told that issues such as Healthcare Reform and Climate Science are technical and hard. Therefore, it is reasoned that we, the people should let they, the experts, handle these problems. However, letting the experts handle it has become an increasingly risky proposition, because the experts no longer display altruistic motivations that are ascribed to their persons.


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