Monday, November 01, 2010

Fire Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Costello! Elect Teri Newman in #IL12 #tcot #teaparty

Teri Newman is running in Illlinois' 12th Congressional District. Teri is a 5-tool Conservative: Fiscal hawk, Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Pro-defense and opposes Illegal Immigration.

This Tea Party Republican is a constitutional conservative who has called for the repeal of TARP and an end to bailouts. Newman believes there is no such thing as "too big to fail", and companies should sink or swim like the rest of America.

America cannot afford more spending. We're broke and bankrupting our country and our children's futures. No more spending money that we don't have!

Jerry Costello, the socialist Teri is running against, is known as a big spending pork expert. Despite claiming publicly that he wants an end to pork-barrel politics, Costello continues to increase his requests. For instance, was part of nearly $5 Billion in pork doled out after he caved and supported ObamaCare.

Teri is Pro Life, period. Costello claims to be, but when push comes to shove, he's really just another Democrat.

Newman is a Second Amendment supporter who holds a Florida Concealed Carry Permit.  She has an "A" rating with the Gun Owners of America and has earned their endorsement.

Jerry Costello, on the other hand, has a 'D' rating with GOA

While she believes there is a need for health insurance reform, Newman opposed ObamaCare, and would be a solid vote to repeal it.  If it can't be repealed, Newman believes a Republican House should cut off funding for it until it can be repealed by stronger Republican majorities. "We can't afford 'free' health care!"

Newman is an immigration hawk, and opposes amnesty and birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants.

She also recognizes that Americans have been hoodwinked by lazy and greedy scientists into accepting the Global Warming Hoax.

Vote Teri Newman on November 2.

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