Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Three important stories at Redstate: one urgent, one fun, and a third to keep the #teaparty focused. #tcot

  1. Bob "Who're You" Etheridge is attempting to get his hands all over Renee Ellmers

    -- or at least, her seat in Congress. Renee just beat Bob (aka, "The Choker") in North Carolina's 2nd District, and should be packing her bags for Washington, DC.

    Instead, she has an expensive recount ahead of her. Etheridge is a thoroughly dishonorable man, a creature of Washington and its ways. He will stop at nothing to retain what he sees as his rightful property, the seat in Congress to which Renee was just elected.

    If you can give, do so. If you can go down there, do so.

    Above all, pass the word, and keep watching Redstate for more details.

  2. The Democratic knives come out in the House.

    When you design your movement as a competing group of factions, it doesn't take long for the mood to sour when you get your hat handed to you by the Other.

  3. The fight didn’t stop yesterday. Take it to the state capitals

    Soren Dayton makes a great point. With Washington in a happy stalemate, we can continue to take back the country by taking back the States.

See these articles at the link below.

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Bob Etheridge Calling for a Recount

Posted by Tabitha Hale (Profile)

Wednesday, November 3rd at 6:19PM EDT

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The NC-2 Race, in which Renee Ellmers is poised to take down manhandling Bob “Who’re You” Etheridge, has gotten complicated. Last night, it looked like a clear victory for Ellmers and she claimed victory. The gap tightened, however, and now he wants a recount.

Etheridge is a 6 term incumbent in what was considered a very safe seat for the Democrats. Unfortunately for Bob, it looks bad when you put a college student in a headlock for asking question, and his constituents suddenly became a lot less excited about supporting someone who might attack them.

Help Renee. Recounts are expensive, and she’ll need everything she can to pull this thing off. She’s a fantastic conservative who ran a great race, and has earned this win. She knows where her priorities lie. Watch her speech, which starts at the 7 minute mark, and donate today.


The Democratic knives come out in the House.

The ‘moderates’ blame the liberals for walking all over them; the liberals blame the moderates for going along with passing bad ideas like the stimulus, cap-and-trade, and Obamacare; the idiots (this may be a subgroup: there’s a bit of an overlap here with the first two groups) are claiming that this entire problem would have gone away with a little more marketing; and everybody blames the President.  Because really, why not?  It’s fairly clear by now that being on Barack Obama’s good side is not exactly inherently valuable.  They’re all right, of course: the Democratic debacle in the House represents a perfect storm of legislative cowardice, political greed, a grotesquely flawed group understanding of proper civic policy, and a White House that routinely demonstrates the organizational and administrative core competency that normally one associates with opium-raddled Victorian expatriate remittance men.  None of which helps them right now, of course; but it’s a lot of fun to point out.Read more at

The fight didn’t stop yesterday. Take it to the state capitals

But bailouts from Washington should not happen again. House Republicans can stop it from even coming to the floor. We have to continue pressure to make that happen, but we can and will win that fight. The next step is the states. With Republican control of so many state legislatures, we can now force states to reform and their services while cutting government employees. Mitch Daniels did it in Indiana, and with both chambers of the state legislature, they are likely to do more. If our new conservative leaders do this, we can get better service, smaller government, and less union money fighting for more spending in the future. That’s a virtuous circle.


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