Sunday, November 07, 2010

Why Nancy Pelosi Should, In Fact, Rule The Earth #teaparty #tcot #p2

Or at least, why a HuffPo writer, linked below, thinks she'd make a great House Minority Poobah.

Never mind that Nancy Pelosi, in her own person, is synonymous with

  • The kooky left that most of the rest of the country abhors

  • The abuse of parliamentary procedure in Congress to accumulate power

  • The entrenched politician

  • DC Arrogance

She's a consensus builder.

Amplify’d from
Why Nancy Pelosi Should Continue to Lead the House

There is little question that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be elected to head the Democratic Caucus as Minority Leader by her Democratic colleagues. The reason is simple: She is absolutely the best choice to lead House Democrats through the tough two years that lie ahead.

She is an electoral asset. I know, you're saying this guy must be on another planet. Her positive numbers are in the toilet.

The fact is that Nancy Pelosi's negatives had precious little to do with Democratic losses last week. The exit polls showed clearly that swing voters were not voting against "Pelosi" -- or for that matter for Republican policies. They were voting against the economy. Many of them just voted for change out of frustration. Others bought the snake oil that the other side was pedaling.


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