Thursday, May 29, 2008

Barack Obama is a Fake

And he's not even a good liar. A good liar keeps his story the same. It's much simpler that way, Barry, because you only have to keep track of two realities, not two for every version of the story. By the way, when you don't make stuff up at all it's even easier, as there's only need to keep track of the reality the rest of us inhabit.

Despite what the Obama campaign is saying, none of the men in Barack Obama's family tree, not Barack Obama's great uncle (his grandmother's brother), his grandfather, nor his grandfather's brother were in the 89th Infantry, General Patton's Division that liberated Buchenwald.

Stanley A. Dunham, Obama's grandfather, enlisted in the Army on 18 January 1942, but is not listed as being part of the 89th Infantry Division.

Ralph Emerson Dunham was inducted (that is, drafted) into the Army on 11 September 1942, but likewise did not end up in the 89th Infantry Division.

Charles W. Payne is not listed in the WWII Kansas veterans (nor in the 89th).

So not only did Obama micturate all over the memory of a veteran on Memorial Day, revealing (or at least saying) that "he just went up into the attic and he didn't leave the house for six months" after the war, but either Obama was misled about, he invented, or all evidence has disappeared for his family's involvment in liberating the Nazi concentration camps.

Given that Obama didn't know that the Soviet Red Army had liberated Auschwitz and that no one had liberated Treblinka, it seems likely that he made up the whole thing, thinking no one would check. We'll be waiting for the evidence to appear, typed up dutifully in Times New Roman.

(w/t streiff)

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