Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Take on Today.

AoSHQ comments on Politico's breathless exclusive story that Scott McClellan, the worst Press Secretary in the history of press secretaries, got canned and wrote a book. [Stifles yawn] Scott, you're not going to be on McCain's staff. You might be on Obama's, but then he won't be President. Americans can see through a fraud. But hey, you got it published.

Wonkette is prepared to underwhelmed at the protest this Saturday at the Democratic National Convention's Rules and Bylaws committee meeting. They're going to decide the fate of the Florida and Michigan delegations.

After all of the rancor and high dudgeon over the 2000 election, culminating most recently in HBO's Recount, one would think the Party of Kennedy and Gore would be a touch more sensitive to the appearance of counting people's votes. Not that the votes of individuals in Florida and Michigan matter in the slightest, since it's the Democratic Party superdelegates who will decide the nominee.

But seating the Florida and Michigan superdelegates could alter the balance, allowing Hillary to continue to press her case forward. After all, it's not even June. Anything can happen.

Josh Marshal at Talking Points Memo is simply beside himself with righteous indignation: According to MSNBC, McCain economic advisor Phil Gramm was a registered lobbyist for UBS, a big Swiss bank. He was also a vice president of the bank. Oh, the scandal of getting someone as your economic advisor who actually worked in the economy.

Rachel Lucas (w/t Classical Values) can't count how many

... conservatives are so tired of getting “poked in the eye” and “stabbed in the back” that they’re gonna take their “principles” all the way to nowhere on Election Day...

Oh, and Global Warming is still teh whack.

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