Sunday, May 04, 2008

Obama Just Sat There

While Reverend Jeremiah Wright was preaching that the US got what it deserved on 9/11
for its "terrorism" around the world, Barack Obama just sat there.

While Jeremiah Wright preached that the government of which Barack Obama was official representative and would be chief executive created AIDS to kill black people, Barack Obama just sat there.

While Jeremiah Wright lauded and praised antisemite Louis Farrakan, Barack Obama just sat there.

While Oprah Winfrey left Trinity United Christian Church because of Jeremiah Wright's incendiary remarks, Barack Obama just sat there.

And he claimed later never to have heard all of this stuff. He affirmed his tolerance for Reverend Wright's preaching as much as for his own grandmother's racial nervousness.

And yet the videos are on the Web, in full context, showing the snippets to be not isolated remarks, but the central point of the sermons.

And still, he just sat there.

He cannot explain this one away. Because Oprah leaving Wright's church should have been a signal to Obama that there was something wrong with the Kool-aide. It shows that leaving the church was not a hypothetical action that only a typical white person would have taken, but a real option that Obama must have weighed and rejected.

While Winfrey was leading, Obama was not even following. The winds of Change were blowing. The evidence was clear, and the course of action outlined, political cover given by one of the most powerful and influential people in media.

Barack Obama just sat there.

w/t: Robert A. Hahn

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Anonymous said...

Hmm. All about not voting for Obama, but let's keep some journalistic integrity in the process. There's enough there without needing to exaggerate.

First, Oprah has never personally stated why she left TUCC. It is heresay and for that matter, who cares.

Second, there are plenty of folks, Catholics included, who continue to attend churches who preach or embrace decidedly anti-American policies or rhetoric. Not a good idea to use this to impugn if we expect to get those votes in Nov.

Lastly, seeing as that there are a lot of good conservative black voters with evangelical backgrounds, doesn't it seem prudent to not completely alienate them from the conservative platform?

I'm just saying... There's enough out there in his policy and background without beating this dead horse anymore. The meme is out there! Give it a rest.

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