Monday, May 05, 2008

Iron Man

I was a comics nerd as a kid, before it was anything like cool. It was so uncool, in fact, that my nerdy next door neighbor friend and I were the only comics nerds in our school, along with 1598 kids who didn't know Iron Man from iron pyrite (whatever that is). As far as I know, anyway, because comics were too uncool to talk about.

Before going to see it this weekend, I pulled out my copy of Marvel's Son of Origins of Marvel Superheroes and flipped through it before giving it to my son to read before the show. I'd forgotten how campy the story was.

So Iron Man the movie gave me deja vu. The cave, Stark's hit-and-run sex life, Pepper's "Sometimes I even take out the trash" line -- almost every scene was like instant replay from somewhere.

But it was better than the comic book. Using terrorists instead of some Viet Nam leftover, or setting it as a period piece, allows much more modern relevance. Not only that, but it fits with the Bin Laden style of leveraging Western technology against its creators; in that, Marvel was prescient.

The best part of the movie was that Tony Stark didn't become a full-on liberal crusader for ending capitalism and saving the spotted owl. He just realizes his errors, and wants to correct them. Given Hollywood's typical stupidity, I was expecting a moonbat lecture on global warming; what I got was a good movie.

I didn't expect all the Audis, either.

I can't wait for the Avengers. If they play Captain America straight, and don't moonbat him up, people will line up around the block.

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