Saturday, November 08, 2008

48 are Happier

Thanks to Treacher, I do not need to explain why the 52 to 48 projectionism seems so shallow, but I will anyway.

A while back, Ace featured about an incredibly incurious study claiming to show that liberals are just better people than conservatives. When I read of that study, I wondered immediately whether our institutions of higher learning will soon reintroduce logic into the curricula of various disciplines which seem to have eschewed it in favor of Power Studies and Living Justice Seminars. In particular, the phrase Begging the Question leaps to mind, because the study proved not so much that liberals are better people, but that given the definition that "better people" are liberal, showed that liberals are better at it than others.

A commenter at AoSHQ pointed out that righties who aren't as successful as they think they should be can (somehow) rationalize their abject failure away.

As one who is not (currently) ruling his own country by personal fiat, I can vouch for this. I call it "optimism": while I'm (currently) not the benevolent autocrat of even a smallish country, I cling to the hope that someday I will be. Perhaps now that Barry has hit the jackpot, liberals will know that they too can create dictatorships, so everything will be fine.

I think it all goes back to not being spoiled as a kid. It just makes a person happier to have lower expectations, and to know that work and discipline are rewarded. We also know that when one fails to work or be self-disciplined, bad things happen.

We failed to work and be self-disciplined. We lost. Stuff happens. We will deal.

So there you have it, 52. Don't expect us to whine and throw tantra, and don't expect us to be impressed because yours has suddenly, and I predict briefly, subsided.

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