Monday, November 17, 2008

In Which Jeff Echoes Loren Heal

I asked this:

OK, so now you've got the power.

Now will you tell us that "white folks' greed runs a world in need"?
In his post "Racism = prejudice + power", JeffG at Protein Wisdom says:

A dubious and self-serving equation long espoused by those scholars reared on identity politics, postcolonialist theory, and the Balkanizing structural imperatives of multiculturalism — given perhaps its most popular airing by Spike Lee, who, rumor has it, once got into a fight with a swirly cone, accusing the vanilla of suffering from jungle fever while berating the chocolate for it’s desire to “assimilate.”

David Thompson explores the trajectory of such thinking, leaving me free to ask the following loaded question: Now that the President-elect of the US is a black man, what does that do to this whole idea of power as a necessary component of racism?

Not a thing, Jeff. The talking point will be: "It took 400 years to elect The One; 4 years won't fix the damage done." Poet, me.

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