Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Decision That Cost McCain the White House

Jennifer Rubin at Pajamas Media has a list of 30 things that cost John McCain the election. But she missed the top reason.

It was the bailout that did it. As Iain Murray at BeyondBailouts points out, the election was close in September, and

In short, it’s the economy, stupid. Surprisingly for a self-described maverick, it appears to have been Sen. McCain’s desire to cling to the self-serving nostrums of Wall Street and the Beltway that doomed him.

The signs were that Obama's radical past was catching up to him. Then McCain chose to suspend his campaign not to fight Washington, but to side with President Bush on a huge, pork-laden spending package of government interference in the economy. I emailed the campaign that he'd lost both my vote and my support, for what it was worth.

After the bailout, trying to label Obama for the Marxist that he is rang hollow, even as Obama made the Joe the Plumber mistake. Had he opposed the bailout, John McCain would have been our next President.

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