Thursday, November 20, 2008


What you get when government takes ownership in companies to "save" them.

w/t FrankJ

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Anonymous said...

But I thought that was your term, Soakrates! Plus, isn't this supposed to be a humor and light news site?

I love how my comments disappear so quickly as your articles make them scroll down and away. You never say anything anymore to me! I am not loved.

Really. ~Jimmy

Loren Heal said...

This is supposed to be a site for rigorous discussion of the geopolitical ramifications on modern life of the various branches philosophy (especially, but not limited to, logic, ethics, dialectic, and PoMo bashing).

And my take on the news.

Lately I've decided to get back to socratic dialogues for most articles. I've also been doing a lot of rightward-slanted "news" pieces: factually accurate, but seriously spun.

For instance, Barack Obama is being sued by a bunch of people who want to see his birth certificate, and Patrick Fitzgerald is digging into Rezko in Chicago. Therefor, Obama is "embattled" and "under a cloud".

And you are too loved. Everyone has a mother.

Anonymous said...

Your blog reminds me of that TV show 'House' with the main character I'm addicted to. I just can't seem to give it up.

Actually, I think you are sort of like Iowahawk. The problem might be that you are grown up already - and that it's not always possible to inject humor into philosophy or logic - or politics.

But at IMAO, you do manage to at least keep your tongue lumpily hidden in your cheek much to the delight of me and other readers.

Love your stuff, Loren. ~Jimmy

Loren Heal said...

I don't always try to be funny here. It's my blog, and I'll be unfunny if I want to!

And I like 'House', too. I told the Missus the other day: it's weird that I don't like any of the characters on this show, but I like the show anyway.

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