Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fearing Bias, Obama to Bypass Old Media

Plans Weekly Webcast Instructions To The Faithful

President-elect Barack Obama has announced that he will avoid answering questions from the hostile body of reporters in the White House Press Corps, and will instead record message to be retrieved by his followers. While the consequences to a member of the movement for failing to view a weekly update are unclear, members ought not risk being discovered.

"President-elect Obama will continue to record and make available the Democratic radio address on video when he is in the White House," a transition team member told Variety. "No President-elect has ever turned the radio address into a multimedia opportunity before. This is just one of many ways that President-elect Obama will communicate directly with the American people and make the White House and the political process more transparent."
While the political process is being made more and more transparent, less and less of an opposing viewpoint or clarifying questions from reporters will be required.

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This is turning into a first class 'news and reporting site.' I'm looking for your articles published elsewhere. Could you post a list of sites/publications where your writing can be found? Thanks. ~Jim(my)

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