Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama Thanks McCain After Electoral Rout

Controversy continues to dog President-elect Barack Obama following a meeting with yet another vanquished and discredited political foe. Concerns that Obama will use a new Civilian Security Force to solidify and expand his regime continue grow, though fear of publicly criticizing the embattled Chicago politician is as strong as ever.

According the the Associated Press, Obama and Senator John McCain (R-AZ) today plotted "to fix up the country", as Obama offered "thanks to Sen. McCain for the outstanding service he's already rendered" during the campaign and even before it began.

While some may point to McCain's opposition to Obama during campaign debates and McCain's reluctance to endorse publicly the former Illinois Senator, few challenge the ready ease with which Obama swept aside the maverick Republican moderate. The victory over the representative of the centrist wing of the GOP was so complete that after his election Obama met with McCain even before a promised meeting with community group ACORN.

After the meeting, McCain appeared to endorse and expanded role for government intervention in the economy, which during the campaign he had given token opposition. "We hope to work together in the days and months ahead on critical challenges like solving our financial crisis, creating a new energy economy, and protecting our nation's security."

McCain gave no indication whether he would change to the Democratic Party or remain a Republican.

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