Friday, May 18, 2007

Encourage Integrity

People in government don't seem to understand that it is their duty to regulate immigration, at least in the sense of being able to count how many people are entering. In an era of constant terrorist attacks, allowing even a handful of people to cross the border without in the minimum identifying themselves is indefensible.

Like Diana Irey (who opposed Jack Murtha in '06), I want a 'tall fence with a wide gate'. Right now, the whole fence is a gate.

The law and all policy should encourage honesty and integrity, not reward its absence as this bill would. Or at least, that's the rumor, because as of this writing there is no bill.

  • Do not give amnesty, nor a reward by any other name, to people who break the law. That only results in more lawbreaking.
  • We must know, by fingerprint, every single person who enters the country, by whatever means they choose to enter.
  • If anyone in the country is subject to a law, everyone must be subject to that law.
  • There must be no second-class citizens.
  • If anyone is willing to give up allegiance to his native land and any other, speak our language, and take up our common cause, I want him as a countryman.
  • Economic concerns are of secondary importance
  • No illegal alien should be allowed citizenship while there is anyone who followed the rules still in line for it.
Secure the borders.

Secure the workplaces.

Defend the defenders, not the attackers.

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