Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Gauntlet is Thrown

I agree with haystack. Click the title to go to Redstate and see it all.

I have been told being left alone to live my life with as little Governmental intrusion as possible was my right until the Government deemed it necessary to intrude just the same; from marriage being redefined to satisfy a constituency to citizenship being redefined to satisfy a constituency to allowing unborn babies to be killed to satisfy a constituency to allowing criminals who have come here to profit from my generosity be called "Americans" to satisfy a constituency to giving more of my hard-earned money to "Americans" who are deemed more in need than I to satisfy a constituency to being told I am allowed to defend myself with a gun that I am not allowed to have to satisfy a constituency.

How often do we read things and say, "I wish I'd said that!" because it is what we were just thinking? He concludes:
Attention political parties. The party is get no money from me, and you are all open game.

Attention America, you are being had and you are losing your heritage, your history, your past, and a future you are already being deprived of.

Attention Politicians. I will do everything in my power to get you fired...can you say term limits and recall?

Attention US Government. You will be forced to give me back my country, or arrest me before I go too far.

I have your shield arm, sir.

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