Thursday, May 10, 2007

Howard Dean: [Not Proven to be] Criminally un-Hippocratic

[Update: According to GatewayPundit:

** The Senator and Governor Never Spoke. **
I just got off the phone with Brian Hart a spokesman from Senator Brownback's office and he said that the conversation in question between Senator Brownback and Governor Sebelius did not take place. (Friday AM)

That's what I get for jumping in sandals first.
Howard Dean conspired with Kansas Governor Sebelius to delay emergency assistance to Greenburg, KS, tornado victims while Democratic Party officials decided how to blame President Bush for the disaster.

According to Quinn & Rose, appearing on the Sean Hannity radio show, Howard Dean called Kansas Governor Sebelius (D) and told her not to say or do anything about the tornado until she heard from Democrat leadership. She did as she was told, apparently. Q&R say Sebelius got another call, from "Dick" (probably famed Nazi hunter Dick Durbin), saying she should stress that there were no troops or equipment to deal with the disaster because it was all in Iraq.

Of course Dean, being a physician, will spin this to say he was just following the Hippocratic Oath to first do no harm.

This is the same Howard Dean who blamed President Bush for hurricane Katrina deaths. This man will stoop to nothing, even interfering in the proper operation of the government, to make cheap political points.

Howard Dean, Dick Durbin, and Kathleen Sebelius should resign.

Also blogging this are FreeRepublic, HotAir, and probably every blogger with a shred of decency.

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