Monday, May 21, 2007

On Living in Shadows

As Mark Steyn points out, living in the shadows is not such an awful deal.

But, in fact, if you wanted to construct the perfect arrangement for modern life, it would be to acquire:
  1. just enough of an official identity to be able to function - open bank accounts, etc - and to access free education and health care; but
  2. not enough of an official identity to attract the attentions of the IRS and the other less bountiful agencies of the state.
I've often toyed with the idea of just dropping out and squatting on a piece of land, growing vegetables and telling the IRS to pound sand. The missus won't go for it (something about a mall), so I'm sort of stuck enjoying the fruits of my unshadowy existence instead of those shadowy veggies.450 days for a visa?

But Steyn also jests that those of us who are documented too thoroughly for comfort should apply for Z-visas. [Update: as BBK attests at The Minority Report, it could take a while to get one.]

I think this is a fabulous idea. Probably there will be no part of the application form(s) which will require certifying that you are currently undocumented -- in fact, there will be all demands to show a stable address, previous address, employer, and other forms of identification such as insurance numbers and the like, all of which most of us can fill out without perjuring ourselves. With any luck, they'll make it possible for me to bring my wife and family with me to my squatter's parcel. I should mention them when I apply for Welfare, AFDC, Dislocated Worker stipend, or whatever the nice lady tells me I'm elibible to collect.

I can practically taste the sweet corn.

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