Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Oh, the Humanity

(WARNING: This may be too graphic for some. Be so advised, and I apologize in advance to those who are overcome with horror.)

As the transcript (pdf) of his Combatant Status Tribunal shows, Khalid Sheikh Muhammed alleged acolyte Mr. Mahjid (or Majid) Khan is one tough cookie. To have endured the treatment to which he has thus far been subjected and still be alive is enough, but to selflessly stand up for the rights of conspirators in mass murder and jihad sympathizers everywhere to receive name-brand personal care products is truly the stuff of legend.

Some Facts How They Are Mentally Torturing Us:

They them self use the best kind of stuff but they give us cheap branded, unscented deodorant soap to wash ourselves with. Also, same goes for shampoo, toothpaste, and deodorant, etc.

This camp gives us only twelve to fourteen pages of newsletter only once a week. Most of the stuff is crap; only few pages are worth of reading it.

In main rec no weight lifting machine, no toilet, no sink, no hoops, and even balls them self have little air in them; they hardly bounce.

In the end of January 2007, they brought us a big fan which makes noise, which makes more noise than produce air in main hall. It drives us crazy. They have since turned the fan off and I have been move to A19 on 6 April 2007. The fan itself is still there.

They know how we feel about family members. They intentionally make our ICRC mails delay - very, very delay in so call censorship issues.

We only get one our of communal rec and only one hour of main rec per day, 2 books per week, and that's it. No mind stimulations, no solitary games, no DVD players, no entertainment, and you know how small and cozy our cells are in size. It has been seven months like this, no improvement.

[REDACTED] So please, before making any decision on me, please read this report of torture and then think yourself if these people can go that far how hard it is for them to make something up, [REDACTED] I affirm these are my word and the truth as I know it.
(w/t Redstate)

We don't know, for security reasons, what is in the redacted part. Perhaps his pajamas were only imitation silk, or his lemonade had too much pulp.

These are serious charges. He is charging the United States Government with treating someone who is not covered by the Geneva Conventions as if he were.

And that would be wrong.

(Again, I apologize for the unsettling material. Truth will out, you know.)

However, on reading the rest of the transcript, another thing becomes clear. Mahjid Khan may not be guilty of anything more than being a Muslim from Pakistan. And forging immigration papers. And being an incessant whiner. With a casual acquaintance with the truth.

And without seeing the classified evidence against him, it is hard to call him an enemy combatant. As he says, he didn't threaten to blow himself up to kill the President of Pakistan, and besides, he didn't actually do it yet.

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