Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bring Back Global Warming, Please!

As Indur Goklany points out, deaths from extreme cold are much more common than deaths from extreme heat. In fact, extreme cold causes more deaths than all other weather-related causes combined.

It's much easier for a homeless person to escape the heat (with shade and water) than the cold.

Considering also the well-known health problems that come up every winter (the "cold and flu season"), it would be better for all of us if this season were shortened.

So I think we should be dumping as much CO2 into the air as we can.

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1 comment:

KnightErrant said...

As the globe warms we can trade the cold and flu season for the malaria and dengue fever season. A small price to pay for not having to wear a sweater.

Disclaimer: I admit being a Southern Californian means I don't really know the meaning of cold.

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