Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Throwing My Wreath Into the Ring

I would like to take this time to announce my intention to explore my options to seek the opportunity to decide if the necessary conditions are right to declare candidacy for the United States Senate from the State of Illinois, to complete the term vacated when Barack Obama was forced to resign.

I have resided in the State of Illinois for over twenty years, since my Honorable Discharge from the United States Marine Corps. I'm a graduate of the University of Illinois, and can complain about Illini sports with the best of them.

I currently have a pulse and love to run my mouth, which with the forgoing should more than adequately establish my qualifications for the job.

I hereby challenge opponents to a debate. The site and length of the debate are negotiable. Any blog or other online venue will do.

Feel free to read my other posts here, and donate in multiples of $5, $10, or $50,000 to my PayPal account.

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Mberenis said...

When was the last time you looked at government grants? With the bailout, there is more money than ever. Don't miss out.

My Grant Blog

Anonymous said...

Now, like the U.S. in Iraq, you'd better be ready to 'stay the course.' None of this pullin' out when the going gets tough! You gotta do what it takes. A lot of grunt work, as you put it.

Consider me on board with $5[strike]0,000[/strike]. Check's in the mail. ~Blog-o-Jimmy

PS: Oh, and get some real HTML running here. (as edited)

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