Wednesday, December 10, 2008


In her 2006 bid to unseat John Murtha, Diana Irey said,

I want a tall fence with a wide gate.
That line resonated for me, and still does.

Because I want to believe in America as the beacon of hope, the shining city on a hill.

But there are two parts to that phrase: the shining city and the hill on which it sits. The hill, from time immemorial, was the place to build a city if you wanted to defend it from attack. The hill made entering the city marginally more difficult to approach for peaceful commerce, but a great deal more difficult to invade.

The hill also makes the shining city more visible, and more attractive as real estate for other reasons. Who doesn't like a nice view? Who doesn't appreciate good munipal use of hydrodynamics?

I want to know that everyone who lives in the United States is a citizen. I want no underclass, barred by reason of citizenship from engaging in any but the duties of their assigned caste, herded about under the watchful eye of some Congressional committee.

America must call for immigrants to come. We must demand that they be allowed to come. If necessary, we must plead with them to come, to see what they can do here.

We must not adopt the zero-sum belief that limited resources imply limited population. Our population is our greatest resource.

And likewise, we must not allow them to be enticed by governmental handouts, which are indeed limited, despite the current tendency to spend money we don't have.

Instead, we must fight tooth and nail against the notion that people -- and corporations -- who are able to support themselves deserve support from the government to retain a specific lifestyle. Restore the image of America as a place where only diligence and discipline are rewarded, and sloth is discouraged.

We must build a tall fence, and watch it with an eagle's eye. We must deport anyone found here without legal reason. We must punish those who lure people here in denial of our laws.

And then we must with just as much vigor beg immigrants to come in through the wide gate, to pledge with us to defend our nation with their calloused hands, vibrant minds, and sacred honor.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed. This is why I visit here, Loren. I like the fact that there is nothing I can say in a comment that could possibly improve upon the writer's ideas or the words they use. But, I had to say this - as an aside. ~Jimmy

Loren Heal said...

Thanks, Jimmy!

I got your check, by the way. It was too big to cash at my local bank, so I went to yours.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Well, lemme tell you a story, having my usual fondness for the 'dramatic' as my obnoxious teachers used to claim.

I've only known two people in my entire 87 years with whom I could never find ANYTHING with which to disagree (and, oh yes, try I did! I'm also watching my grammar, which sucks!). One was a deceased uncle and the other, so far, is you (on the Internet of all places).

Now, granted, I've only been reading you for about a year now so the sample size isn't very large, but, holy socks, Loren, I feel like I'm reading the back of my own brain here. (Except your grammar, spelling and sentence structure are better.)

Oh, by the way. Actually, you should have a tip jar - and one of those anonymous, e-mail "contact me" addresses. You never know. Somethin' might just turn-up in one of them. :-) JimJimmerJim

PS: I'll be reading to see if you continue batting 1.000 and really are the heartless conservative you claim to be. Oh, I'll be changing banks, too.

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