Thursday, December 04, 2008

Transcript From U.N. Chat Room

NDA: UR terist!1!!
Pak: UR infidL!!1!
NDA: UR unclen etr of ded things
Pak: mmm - tasT cows! LOL!!1!
NDA: unclen h8tr
Pak: U wash w/ p00
NDA: UR 3d world country liv in hut
Pak: will pwn U w/ nuke
NDA: from fish boat, terist?
Pak: from sutcas, infidL!!1!
NDA: 3d world country: no sutcas!1!! use fish boat!1!!
Pak: 1st world country w/ nuk 4 U!!1!
Pak: U ansr fon 4 joos & wash w/ p00
NDA: have job, not liv n hut lyk U
Pak: liv n city & eat tasT cows LOL!!1!
NDA: not aftr nuk on grass roof LOL!1!!
Pak: ur bom ki11 r cows 2 LOL!!1!
NDA: betr ded than smel ur stink
Pak: U stink !
NDA: O good 1 dum455!1!!
Pak: Dingaling oo! git fon iz joos!
NDA: LOL hear dat? iz osama? nope fon not ring cuz no fon in hut LOL!1!!
Pak: 3G ifon w/apps & not smel lyk p00
NDA: tru dat lyk on fish boat!1!! nuke on way kwik hide LOL put on burka!1!!

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Anonymous said...

This kind of solid reporting will not go unnoticed on the Internet. The question I have, however, is can you keep it up? ~Jimmy

Loren Heal said...

I think eventually, if I keep up the tough, no-nonsense grunt work, that my professionalism and dogged pursuit of a story will carry the day.

Anonymous said...

I often don't know what to do with my tongue when I grunt. But your piece was grunt-worthy. Does it indicate a possible change in direction at the Academy, perhaps? You know, occasional injections of grunt-worthy material, a la Iowahawk? ~JimmerJimJim

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