Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

  • For each new law enacted by Congress, a law must be repealed.

  • For each new item of spending or increase to an existing item, an identical amount must be cut elsewhere in the budget.

  • The Cabinet must contain at least one but at most ten members.

  • All government documents, except Treaties and Agreements with foreign powers, must be printed only in English.

  • Congress shall make no law to favor one business over another, nor to acquire any ownership in a business.

  • In questions arising over the classification of people, Congress shall make no law to applying to one group but not others, except to distinguish citizens from non-citizens.

  • In this Constitution, the terms "ex post facto" and "Bill of Attainder" apply to laws that either favor or punish.

  • "Interstate commerce" shall mean an exchange of value between separate Persons in two or more States.

  • Senators and Congressmen shall serve no more than two consecutive terms.

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Anonymous said...

I favor a complete rewrite where your amendments would become part of the original document. ~Jimmy

Matt said...

On the last one it should say "no more than two terms." If you have the word consecutive in there they could just skip a turn :(

Loren Heal said...

That was intentional Matt, a compromise between just two terms and forever. The deal is they have to go do something else, even if it's some other government slacker job, so they're not the incumbent. Hopefully they go do a real job in their district or State, but the voters get to see it either way.

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