Friday, December 05, 2008

What Bothers Me About The Bailouts

I do not care about the ripple effect of automobile maker failure, bankruptcy, or other harm.

I do not care about my 401k, Midwest tax revenues, or any other alleged effect that even the total loss of GM would engender.

What I care about is our economic system, which is being destroyed by socialism, to the crocodile tears of the supposed capitalists on Wall Street and in Detroit. They are selling their souls for the sake of a temporary respite, and we will all suffer for it.

From where is this $34 Billion going to come? We’re going to borrow it, at interest. How is that interest going to be paid? By borrowing at interest. And so it would continue, ad infinitum, until the money supply is so inflated that it will take an illegal dump truck to carry enough money to the illegal gas station to illegally fill it up.

We’re worrying about ripples from spitballs while dropping boulders into the pond.

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