Friday, October 29, 2010

After #AK Supreme Court rewrites rules for Mercokeski in #AKSen,

Via AoSHQ:

Over a hundred people signed up to be write-in candidates. Hey, it's less complicated than getting all the signatures, running in the primaray, entering debates, presenting your ideas, and actually winning a primary to get your name on the ballot. This way, the government will print your name on a list at the polling place -- something even the primary winners cannot, by law, have.

You can't wear a t-shirt with a candidate's name on it, but if you fill out a form the government of Alaska will advertise you to the voters at the polls.

I just wish one of the write-ins would have spelled their name something like Lissa Mulcokeski does.

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Dozens Sign Up To Be Write-In Candidate In Alaska Senate Race

Yesterday the Alaska Supreme Court rewrote the state's election rules to help Princess MerCOKEski. In response conservatives called on people to sign-up to be a write-in candidate in order to mess with the MerCOKEski plan.

Over a hundred Alaskans heeded the call.

BTW- I haven't seen one of the new 'voter aide' sheets the Alaska Supreme Court is suddenly allowing voters to see (apparently this has never happened before when there were write -in candidates) so I may be spelling Sen. MerCOKEski's name incorrectly. If so, I apologize for the error.


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