Friday, October 29, 2010

Cedra Crenshaw, IL State Senator (43rd) #teaparty #tcot #grizzly

This is an awesome lady, in the mold of Sarah Palin. It would not surprise me if Cedra Crenshaw and Adam Kinzinger run against each other for Illinois governor someday.

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Cedra Crenshaw, Illinois State Senator

I admit to being a little late to the Cedra Crenshaw party. But here’s a lady who gets it.

Cedra is simply one mom who has had enough of the waste, corruption and mismanagement in Springfield. She is one mom versus the machine, a machine that has decimated Illinois with deficit spending, job killing taxes and fees, onerous regulations, and a culture of corruption that has made Illinois a national disgrace.

Social conservatives, never fear. Cedra is pro-life and says the right to keep and bear arms is an individual one.

Cedra Crenshaw and family
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