Monday, October 04, 2010

Tom Emmer (R-MN): Horner's Business Dealings with Government Explain His Budget Priorities #MNGov #tcot

Emmer Says Horner’s Business Dealings with Government Explain His Budget Priorities

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer reacted to a news story today detailing Tom Horner’s long history of contracts with state and local units of government.

“No wonder Tom Horner wants to raise billions in new taxes and grow government at a double-digit percentage increase. Horner has milked government for millions of dollars in lucrative contracts,” Emmer said at a campaign appearance in Faribault. “Tom Horner wants to maintain business-as-usual even though voters know that the status quo is not working.”

The Star Tribune reported today that Tom Horner’s firm Himle Horner has received millions from state and local governments to write speeches, rehab the Department of Transportation’s image after the 35W bridge collapse, and for work on the Northstar commuter rail project.

“Tom Horner believes that struggling Minnesota families and businesses owe government more of their money in the worst economy in two generations to help line Mr. Horner’s pockets. My perspective is different: I think government should do its most important tasks well, but we can only create jobs and keep our economy moving by making government live within its means.”

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