Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Get out the Vote: @RandyHultgren in #IL14 #teaparty #tcot #ILGOP

Randy Hultgren is a

Randy Hultgren (R-IL14) is a conservative running to replace liberal Democrat Bill Foster. Foster, a one-termer who runs to the right to campaign but dashes back left to hold hands with Nancy Pelosi in DC.

Hultgren want to stop the out of control spending of the last few years. Bill Foster just wants to spend and spend.

Hultgren has picked up a number of key endorsements that show he means business.

General Election Endorsements:

  • National Federation of Independent Business

  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce

  • Business-Industry Political Action Committee

  • National Rifle Association

  • Illinois State Rifle Association

  • National Taxpayers United of Illinois

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Polls: Tight race in 14th Congressional District

October 19, 2010 (WLS) --
A Republican state senator is among the candidates hoping to unseat Democratic incumbent Bill Foster in the 14th District congressional race.

The seat once held by former House Speaker Dennis Hastert represents the far western suburbs.

The race is considered a dead heat and one that both major national parties are keeping a close eye on.

Republican Randy Hultgren is a financial planner, lawyer and state senator.

But polls say the race for Congress in Illinois' 14th district is like so many: a toss-up between the two major party candidates.

Both candidates disagree about the success or failure of stimulus spending. Hultrgen says it was not worth it in the 14th District.

"If anything, you could maybe argue there were about 600 jobs or less that were saved or created because of that," said Hultrgen.

While Foster voted for the stimulus and the health care bill, he has compiled a fairly conservative voting record among Democrats. Hultgren disagrees and says Foster has voted with Nancy Pelosi over 92 percent of the time.

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