Thursday, October 07, 2010

I wonder: does Gary McDowell (D-#MI01) Hate Old People? #tcot #teaparty

Probably not. Hate is such a strong word. Maybe "detests spending those tax dollars it's so hard to get you to part with on them". Hard to tweet that, so I think I'll go with hate.

Read more at Redstate, excerpts and link below.

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He Doesn’t Hate Your Grandma, Really.

Gary McDowell is the doomed Democrat and running against rising Republican star Dr. Dan Benishek in MI-01. Gary McDowell doesn’t really hate your grandma.  It’s nothing personal, mind you.

He just thinks she should have to compete for budget like any other part of the bureaucracy.

Come on, Grams! Make your case!  Show your budgetary requirements in the current fiscal outlook going forward.  And speaking of going forward, we’re not sure you’re going to be able to complete the current budget cycle in year Zero, much less years One through Five.  So along with your funding request for that hip replacement and the seeing eye dog, please present evidence that you’ll be finishing out the year with us here, alive.


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