Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In #IL11 @ElectAdam Kinzinger endorsed by everyone but the hardcore leftists. #ILPolitics #tcot #teaparty

In Illinois' 11th District, Adam Kinzinger is running to

Adam is a former Air Force pilot, and is a strong and knowledgeable supporter of our national defense. Adam was also elected to the McLean County board, so he knows what it's like to serve without being swallowed by the system.

He's endorsed by Redstate.com, and as Moe Lane says there:

His opponent, Debbie Halvorson, is best known for folding like a cheap suit over cap-and-trade, then running and hiding over health care rationing like most of the rest of the supposedly ‘moderate’ Democrats in Red Districts.  IL-11 is a R+1 district, so check Adam out.

Halvorson still touts her Cap and Trade vote on her official government web site.  Cap and Trade would devastate the Illinois economy, raising costs for farmers and limiting markets for Illinois coal.

Adam has the support of Tea Party groups and has been endorse by several local newspapers.

You can follow Adam on Twitter at @ElectAdam.

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