Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obama's Hummer in Delaware - Coons gets economics, sort of. #DESen

I think she's actually going to win.

Or maybe I just don't want four years, and possibly more, of Joe Biden without the hair plugs.

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Obama’s Hummer in Delaware

Ever hear a song and get it just enough to know most of the words, but not what they all mean? Or maybe you just sort of think you know them, but what you heard wasn’t exactly what the band was playing?

But little did we know how much trouble she was going to be. Because something appears to have her close, or possibly ahead of, Chris Coons. Perhaps it’s that Coons only catches the economic song about halfway. He knows the words, but not necessarily what they all mean.

An economic recession, for instance, usually means two or more quarters of no economic growth, or contraction. Even colloquially, it means a period of lackluster economic growth. When economic growth happens, by definition a recession is over.

Notice the reaction of Ms. O’Donnell when Coons educates us all:


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