Monday, October 18, 2010

Phil Hare's class-warfare SEIU-paid Attack ads not working. Voters choosing Schilling in #IL17 #ILGOP #tcot

Republican and independent voters are so much smarter and better informed than Democrats give them credit for being.

So when the Service Employees International Union, the Marxist shock troops for the Obama machine, dump millions in members' dues into ads attacking Bobby Schilling for favoring such things as free trade and tax cuts, people aren't fooled.

Hare and his socialist friends are only cementing in voters' minds the idea that Hare wants higher taxes and more combersome trade. More regulated trade means less trade. Less trade means fewer jobs.

And those tax cuts? People know that everyone should be able to keep their money. The government-financed recovery isn't happening. How about get the government's boot off the private sector's neck, keep taxes low and see what happens?

Because this Obama economic recovery plan favored by Phil Hare is not working.

Fortunately, the Obama election plan isn't working for Phil Hare, either.

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Schilling: Negative campaign ads are backfiring on Hare's supporters

Bobby Schilling said attack ads that have been directed at him in the Illinois 17th District congressional race are helping him and hurting U.S. Rep. Phil Hare.

"The poll that we saw 2 weeks ago by WeAskAmerica showed us up 3 percent. The one from last week shows 4.5 (percent) and the one that is finalized tonight will tell us how we're doing this week," Schilling said during a stop in Quincy on Monday.

Schilling visited JK Creative Printers to accept the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business.

Kim Maisch, the state's NFIB director, said Schilling represents a lot of small business owners who have been "poked one too many times" and want a member of Congress who will not support legislation that is harmful to business. She said Hare's sponsorship of "card check" legislation, that would allow unions to form without a secret ballot, and Hare's vote for the cap and trade climate bill demonstrate a negative attitude toward business interests.


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