Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Desperation That Is the Quinn Campaign #ILGov #ILGOP #ILCot

Desperate campaigns are easy to spot. The campaign of soon-to-be-ex-Governor Pat Quinn is one of the easiest of all to pick out among even the wicked crop this election season, as the career politician sees his hold on power slowly circle the drain.

When Pat Quinn was younger, I remember thinking of him as something of a reformer.  He was always talking about cleaning up government, making it more responsive to the people and the laws under which we all live.

But either that changed, or it never was.  Quinn wasted a golden opportunity to clean up state government when he succeeded the reviled Rod Blagojevich.  He could have:

  • Demanded a forensic audit of the state's books

  • Fired all political appointees, and made them apply for their jobs with some kind of mechanism to retain the good but not accept the bad

  • Stopped the wasteful, corrupt spending practices of the state

  • Listened to Republican ideas about balancing the budget without tax increases

But he didn't. He continued the Blagojevich-style power grab, giving lip-service to ethics reforms because he couldn't avoid it, and proceeded to run the state into the ground.

I had high hopes that the populist reformer would resurface, but in the end I was disappointed. He was just another machine politician, out to buy votes with state favors -- or crush opposition if he couldn't buy it off.

After his campaign was flagged for misleading voters with half-truths in a campaign ad distorting long-shelved legislation involving stray pets, published reports called Quinn’s video “America’s nastiest political ad,” saying it reached “a new low.”

Illinois state finances the worst in history, due entirely to the fiscal mismanagement and big-government, spend every dime policies of the Democratic machine. It's time for a clean break from the politics of personal destruction and fabricated scandals that are the only tools in Pat Quinn's toolbox. Quinn and his big government allies don't have a record they can run on, so they can only smear.

Bill’s campaign is about cleaning up state government, getting its boot off the neck of business so business can go about creating more jobs  Pat Quinn’s focus is forcing Illinoisans to fund his big government, make-work vote-buying programs that place his campaign interests before the people’s interests.

Have we in Illinois not had enough of this trash in office? The Chicago and Illinois Combine insiders like Quinn, Rod Blagojevich, and even George Ryan before that, need to be shown the door.  Our state needs to be cleaned up.

Desperation has set in for the Quinn campaign. They can see their cushy state gig swirling the drainhole, their dreams of power disappearing into the darkness below.

Illinois deserves better from its governor. Please tell your friends and neighbors about Pat Quinn’s shameful campaign smears, and to support Bill Brady.

Spread the word by volunteering through the Illinois Victory program today.  If you don't have time, financial contributions are another way you can help Bill Brady reach Illinois voters.  You can donate through his website, or online at the new contribution tab on Facebook.

Go to, or hit them on Facebook and Twitter.

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