Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nick Popaditch #CA51 whump Bob Filner in debate.

Nick Popaditch has served his country in battle, and now wants to serve in a different fight -- the fight to preserve the country itself. So he's running for Congress.

Luckily for Nick, he comes from a district represented, after a fashion, by Bob Filner. No so lucky is Filner, who can be seen debating Popaditch at the Redstate link.

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Nick Popaditch v Bob Filner Debate Video !

A Picture speaks a thousand words and this one is priceless. This is what happens when you try to debate Nick @Popaditch ! I have some strong commentary about this debate, which I attended but I shall wait! I want to know what you think! Please watch and comment. If you think Nick won this debate, please consider donating to his campaign . Thank you from the California 51st Congressional District!


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