Monday, October 25, 2010

We have won nothing yet. #tcot #teaparty #GOTV @pinkelephantpun

This is it. This is the time that matters.

The next week will determine whether the country in which we grew up will exist for our grandchildren. Will they choose their own doctor? Will they get to pick their college? Wll they get a choice in the kind of car they drive, or how much they drive it, and to where?

And the only thing that matters now is face to face contact with people. You must spread the word. Get two or three friends, print up some lists of candidates on your local ballot, and walk around talking to your neighbors.

Cover every neighborhood, every block, every house. If it's raining, carry an umbrella.

This is the time that matters. Don't wimp out. Get Out The Vote.

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We are eight days away from a massive election. That is a week and a day, for the mathematically challenged. In other words, not a lot of time.

There is no better time to step away from your computer and put up some signs or make some phone calls than right now. November 2nd is it, people. We don’t get a redo. What we do over the next eight days will impact our entire country for the next two years and beyond. This is the only shot we have at halting and reversing Obama’s agenda. Right now. This week.

What have you done? Have you taken time out of your weekend to walk a neighborhood with some literature? Have you gone for two hours after work to do some phone banking?

Organize an event in your area. Get your friends to come with you.


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