Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bobby Schilling is the choice for #IL17

Bobby Schilling is a small business owner in Rock Island, IL, in the 17th Congressional District (Il-17). He's running to defeat a socialist, incumbent Democrat Phil Hare. Phil Hare, who Doesn't Care:

The SEIU is pumping millions into the the race, running ads running down free trade policies advocated by Schilling. The ads blame free trade for sending jobs overseas.

But free trade doesn't cause job losses. High taxes on American corporations cause jobs to go overseas. Other countries don't tax "evil" corporate profits at anthing like the rates we do. No wonder they go overseas, even with the difficulty doing business in developing countries.

If the United States were to lower its corporate tax rates, the jobs would come flooding back into our cities.

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Schilling ad blames Hare for job losses

Schilling began airing a new television ad that takes the Rock
Island congressman to task for job losses in the district,
including using the old Seaford Clothing plant in Rock Island,
where Hare worked for 13 years, as a backdrop.

“Phil Hare was here. Now our jobs are gone,” the ad’s narrator

She later adds Hare is trying to save his job but he “should
have tried saving ours.”

Meanwhile Wednesday, the Service Employees International Union
plunged into the 17th District race, announcing it’s buying
$317,000 worth of television time to target Schilling for his trade

The ad says that Illinois lost 150,000 jobs under the North
American Free Trade Agreement and that Schilling backs other free
trade deals like it, such as the proposed pact with Korea.

Frederick responded to that ad, saying it’s Democratic policies,
including a cap-and-trade bill, which Hare voted for, that are
threatening Illinois’ business climate.

“This election is about Phil Hare’s record,” he said. “It’s been
bad for Illinois.”

The service employees union is the second non-party group to
have entered the 17th District race.

The conservative American Future Fund has said it’s investing
$500,000 on ads targeting Hare. The political arms of the House
Republicans and Democrats also have advertised in the race.


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