Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Will Folks is a liar and a moron, whether he . #SCGov

In one of those amateur-hour moves thought clever by those who fancy themselves smarter and wiser than they in fact are, pudgy and balding blogger Will Folks has now gone to the trouble of signing an "affidavit" attesting to making kissy-face with Nikki Haley, Republican nominee for governor of South Carolina.

The really neat trick, and the saddest joke of the campaign season so far, is Folks signing this "affidavit" in front a notary public.

Now, guess what that means?

Nothing. Absolutely not a blessed thing.

Because all a notary public does is attest that they were present when a person signing some piece of paper signed it. It doesn't attach any added claim of veracity to the contents of a document, or raise the stakes for lying in it.

Signing an “affidavit” in this instance is like sending a letter to the editor by registered mail.

Will Folks has no evidence that he had an "physical relationship" with Nikki Haley, because there was no such physical relationship. He is a beetle clinging to a decaying piece of dung, so desperately needing his one chance at notoriety that he cannot let go of his fabrications.

And if any such evidence were to exist, Folks would be an even lower piece of scum for releasing it. Kiss-and-tell is a form of dishonor, in many ways worse than even making stuff up the way Folks is now doing.

Will Folks releases affidavit detailing alleged Nikki Haley affair

In the affidavit, Folks states that he ended the physical relationship with Haley because he began dating his now wife, Katrina. Later, the affidavit claims that Haley had told Folks that she wished to tell another party about their relationship, saying that the GOP nominee "was hurt and had no one to talk to about it." A message left to the third party was not returned by the time this story was released.

After the alleged physical relationship had ended, Folks claims that he and Rep. Haley continued to exchange "numerous e-mails and text messages." In the affidavit, the blogger says he "deliberately deleted these messages at the time because [he] had failed to honestly answer [his] wife's questions about [his] relationship with Rep. Haley."

According to the affidavit, Folks and Haley last exchanged texts on Jan. 3, 2010 and that these texts "referenced [their] prior relationship."


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