Thursday, October 28, 2010

Next #ILGov @Bill_Brady praised by Jindal, McDonnel, Barbour and @ElectAdam Kinzinger at #teaparty #IL11

See more at Redstate.

That Adam Kinzinger is someone to watch.

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Bill Brady Gets Praise from Jindal, McDonnell, and Barbour

The governors of Mississippi, Virginia, and Louisiana came to a simple suburban Tea Party Wednesday night to shout out their support for the Republican candidate for Illinois governor, Bill Brady. Brady has a solid lead over Democrat Pat Quinn in the polls, but the theme of the evening was to take nothing for granted.

The atmosphere was electric, with the crowd packed into the indoor soccer field. They waved Brady placards as speaker after speaker urged them to get out the vote on November 2 to put Bill Brady into the Governor’s mansion.


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