Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bobby Schilling ready to take #IL17 from Phil "I Don't Care about the Constitution" Hare #teaparty #tcot

Bobby Schilling is a pizza man. He should also be the next Congress man from Illinois' 17th District.

But it's going to take a lot of legwork. The SEIU and other government unions want to keep the socialist they have in office. Because Phil Hare doesn't care whether laws he wants to pass are supported by our Constitution.

He also doesn't mind making up endorsements. Watch this painful video to remind you of Phil Hare's uselessness, and then go to Redstate to read about his dishonesty.

And now

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Phil Hare (D, IL-17) lies about corn growers’ endorsement.

You know, in some ways I’m going to miss this miserable ignoramus, once he’s gone: Phil Hare’s such a marvelous chew toy, and the ones that I had expected to be savaging this season were unexpectedly unsatisfying. Alan Grayson? Too slimy; I wanted to take a shower every time I saw him in the news. Carol Shea-Porter? The room-temperature IQ problem made it kind of unsporting. Okinawa Jack Murtha? Died on me. But Hare (and Russ Carnahan, who I will also kind of miss smacking around) has been reliably bad since he first hove into view.

His latest goof-up? Claiming the endorsement of the Illinois Corn Grower’s Association, only to have the ICGA explicitly contradict him in public. Needless to say, the Bobby Schilling campaign - which will not miss Hare in any way, shape or form - was happy to point this out… and to point out that people don’t like career politicians for a reason.


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