Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Battle for the Party - All Politics is, in fact, local. #tcot

When politics is local, it depends on the interpersonal political skills of the players to achieve their ends. Unfortunately, a sly demon can work wiles on the unsuspecting, achieving his own goals which may or may not be good for the rest of us.

Our goal as conservatives should be to root out those who are just in politics to amass personal power. They should be replaced by those who are driven by ideology. Because when the battle is over ideas, we win; when it's about giving away other people's money, we lose. Read more at Redstate.

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The Battle for the Party

All politics is local. — Tip O’Neil (D-MA), Speaker of the House (1977-87).

Tip O’Neil was wrong.

O’Neil thought that all national issues were really about street-level ones — that everything devolved to the petty self-interest of the individual voter and how a policy would benefit or harm each one personally.  His mistake was ignoring both the peer pressure of people to ignore that petty self-interest for principles they know to be true, and to put their short-term interest aside for the greater good of the larger group — which will in the end help them more.

But O’Neil was also right.  And to take back the Party, and the nation, we need to learn how.

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